Fear of power failure: Emergency generators are sold out in the USA

There is a heat wave in the US. Both California and Texas are affected. In order to cope with the high temperatures, the air conditioning systems are running at full speed. That consumes an enormous amount of electricity. So much electricity that electricity limits for air conditioning systems have already come into effect in both California and Texas. Emergency generators are sold out in the United States for fear of a power failure.

Fear of power outages: Emergency generators are sold out in the USA. Heat wave causes increased power consumption

Some air conditioners have smart digital thermostats. These are now even automatically throttled by the power grid operators. In addition, there were calls to save electricity in the two federal states.

Residents were also told not to charge electric cars during peak hours. The crazy thing about it is: the rush hour is in the evening. When the residents come home from work and turn on the air conditioning.

The risk of power outages is now very high, especially in the evening when the solar systems are not producing any more electricity. For this reason, the demand for emergency power generators and mobile power generators has increased enormously.


Emergency generators are sold out in the USA

The news from Texas and California saw emergency generators being purchased across the United States. In particular, diesel generators with high performance are in demand. A well-known manufacturer has sold all of its power generators and can no longer keep up with production. The company’s share price is up 250%. The business with emergency power generators is booming and doing better than ever.

Renewable energies are bringing the power grid to its knees

Fear is particularly high in Texas. This year there was already a blackout in the state. Back then because of the cold. The wind turbines in Texas simply frozen solid in the low temperatures at the beginning of the year. The power grid in Texas collapsed.

Now the power supply is at risk again. This time because of the heat and the enormous power consumption of the air conditioning.

When the residents come home in the evening and switch on their air conditioning, the solar systems are already generating less electricity. Photovoltaic systems produce the most electricity in the midday sun. But in the evening most electricity is consumed by private households. That puts an enormous strain on the power grid.


The situation in the USA is a good example of what to expect

What is happening in the United States at the moment will also come to us in the coming winters. Here in Europe, the heat is less of a problem. But it gets really cold here in winter. And then all of Europe turns on the heating. France has problems with electricity supply every year as electric heating is very common there. In Germany, too, the number of electricity-intensive types of heating such as heat pumps is increasing sharply.

In winter we will encounter a problem similar to the one that currently exists in Texas and California. Solar systems deliver only a fraction of the possible electricity in winter. The low electricity production of the solar systems and the increased electricity consumption of the heating systems with heat pumps will push the European electricity grid to its limits, if not beyond.

The Austrian Armed Forces are expecting a blackout in the next 5 years. In its annual security policy forecast, the armed forces expressed their opinion from “A serious pandemic and a comprehensive blackout remain on the risk scale within the realm of the possible” (2019) to “A blackout can be expected within the next five years.” (2021) changed.

Prepare for a blackout in good time before the power generators become in short supply here too.